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When was the last time you evaluated your budget? A few months ago, I took a good, hard look at my finances, and I realized that I was spending a boatload on insurance premiums. I knew that I needed to cut down my spending, so I started talking with my insurance agent. The agent was incredibly kind and caring, and he walked me through a variety of hypothetical scenarios to help me to make things right. I was really impressed with how awesome the experience was, and I was able to save a lot of money on my premiums. This blog is all about reducing insurance costs.


Leased Cars, Requirements, And Auto Insurance Quotes

22 April 2022
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Do you need auto insurance for a leased car? Even though you may only drive your brand-new car for a few short years, you still need to protect it, and your legal and financial responsibilities, with a policy. If this is your first experience with a car lease, take a look at what you need to know about auto insurance quotes, insurance requirements, and your options. Insurance Is A Requirement Read More …

Do You Need To Update Your Homeowners Insurance Policy?

16 March 2022
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Homeowners insurance protects one of your biggest investments from the unexpected. If your home gets burglarized or damaged in a fire, you will be very happy that you have a home insurance policy. However, it is necessary for most people to update their home insurance policy multiple times throughout their lives. Here are a few situations that may require you to update your policy.  You Installed an Alarm System Break-ins can happen in just about any neighborhood, so it is smart to invest in a home alarm system. Read More …

Useful Insights For Those Getting A Medicare Advantage Plan

2 February 2022
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If you qualify for Medicare, you have access to Medicare Advantage plans. They're basically an alternative bundled option that may be necessary in some cases. Here are some things that can help you get one of these plans smoothly.  Determine if a Bundled Option is Optimal The main difference between Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans is the latter is a bundled type of plan. Therefore, it probably will cover more healthcare services than the former option will. Read More …

How To Insure A Mobile Home

7 January 2022
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When you buy a house with a loan, your lender will tell you that you need insurance to cover the house. If you buy a traditional home, you must purchase a homeowner's insurance policy. What happens, though, if you buy a mobile home? Do you still need insurance? Is it the same type? Here are several things you should know about insuring a mobile home if you are ready to buy one. Read More …

3 Surprising Ways To Reduce Your Auto Insurance Premiums

23 November 2021
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If you own a motor vehicle, then you are probably paying for auto insurance. Auto insurance is a product required by law to help protect drivers against financial harm in the event of an accident. While coverage is required, each insurance agency determines the amount of money they will charge for their policies. Here are three surprising things that you can do to help lower your insurance premiums without sacrificing coverage in the future. Read More …